Our Team
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Alex Avery
Managing Director
Alex is passionate about applying analytics for societal benefit. He has worked across both domestic and global startups, Big 4 consulting and academia. He’s an Honorary Research Fellow (University of Melbourne) and is across all things data.
Pierre du Preez
Pierre’s focus is on creating and driving key partnerships that enable both parties to achieve value, profitability and sustainability. Constantly ensuring value is delivered and that this value is clearly understood, ensures optimal return on investment for both parties.
Helen Dockrell
Helen is a software developer who has worked in both industry and research environments to develop tools to conceptualise complex systems. She is a creative person who is intent on improving the accessibility of data-driven decision making.
Ariel Pilcer
Ariel delivers actionable and digestible insight to decision makers.
He understands how to apply governance and curation frameworks to steer analytics projects in organisations of all sizes.
Kelly McAteer
Analytics Manager
Kelly is passionate about providing organisational transformation through change management and best industry practices. She has considerable experience working in complex government agencies and SaaS platforms with proven results in project delivery.
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Louise Ayre
Analytics Manager
Louise is a data science practitioner with a proven ability to drive real-world outcomes across the public sector and complex commercial organisations. She helps bridge the divide between the technical intricacies of data science and the commercial priorities of non-technical stakeholders
Will Khan
Analytics Lead
Will is an accomplished analytics and data science leader, renowned for harnessing the power of data to empower organisations. With a diverse background in neuroscience, biotech, and Big 4 consulting, he offers a multifaceted perspective. Connect with Will to discover how data-driven strategies can enhance your business.
Carolina Pérez Dilsizian
Senior Designer
Carolina is a digital designer who believes in design as a solution to a problem and not only aesthetic but functional, that is why for me the process is essential.
Yuri Chae
Yuri is a digital designer who solves problems through design to deliver better user experiences.
Jessica Molina Calabrese
Analytics Consultant
Jessica is an analytics consultant with experience in computer engineering, software architecture and data engineering for on-premises/Cloud deployment and migration projects.
Guilherme Matte
Analytics Consultant
Guilherme is an analytics consultant who enables data-driven and strategic decision-making based on data analysis and interpretation.
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Arturo Ortega
Analytics Consultant
Arturo is an analytics consultant who seeks out optimised solutions utilising his knowledge across multiple platforms and different software.
Brett Earle
Senior Web Developer
Brett is a software developer implementing efficient and understandable solutions to client, user and data problems across the full stack of technologies in a project.
Livia Gu
Livia is an enthusiastic full-stack developer who is committed to delivering web solutions efficiently and cost-effectively.
Robyn Preston
Robyn is a communications generalist who, at the core of what she does, implements ways to understand, connect and speak with people who are important to the business.


We are always hunting for talented people who want to make a difference in their world. Passion and energy are considered before background and academic qualifications.