VIDEO SERIES: Reporting from multiple systems + data sources

Notitia Director, Helen Dockrell, explains some of the common challenges that our clients face, when pulling together data & reporting.

July 18, 2023

Common client challenge: Integrating reporting from multiple systems + data sources.

Notitia Director, Helen Dockrell, explains some of the common challenges that our clients face, when pulling together data & reporting.

This is the first video which examines a problem that usually sounds like:

>Challenge: "Help! We have data in multiple systems, but we report on each system separately."

>Solution: We need an integrated approach that pulls together a complete view of our data.

Client Example:

"We’ve got a few teams working on reporting, but what we really need is to be able to synthesise information from the combined systems.
"If I have a question about system A, I want to know what’s going on in system B, and every time I want to know that I have to request an additional report it’s not timely and it makes it difficult to make creative, informed decisions during leadership meetings.
"I want to see our live data as it happens, and to be able to get a feel for how things are running on the ground. I want to be able to show our clients and governing bodies how much effort we put into our work, and for that to really translate."

Notitia's approach to a knock-out data solution

Phase one: Investigation

These are the questions that we would ask our clients in order to find the best solution - one that will solve their challenges and meet their specific needs.

1. What are your internal workflow goals?
> What is your team’s capacity?
> Skillset + size?
> Do you have internal management and do they have capacity?

2. What’s your technical infrastructure and what are your goals/limitations/requirements/expectations for these?
>What software do you use and why?
>How do you use it - what are your business processes around this?

3. What are your reporting goals?
> What are your go-to systems for leadership meetings and how do these interact with reporting currently?
>How would you like them to interact?
>Do you have internal + external reporting - is there a need for secure access to some data by some user types, and possibly de-identified access for other user types?
> What data granularity do you use?

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About Helen Dockrell, Notitia Director

Notitia Director, Helen is a software developer who has worked in both industry and research environments to develop tools to conceptualise complex systems.

Always up to the challenge, Helen has a proven track record in developing ways that empower her clients through improved access to data for informed decision making.

Helen is a highly creative person, which fires her passion for problem solving and out-of-the-box thinking.

Leading Notitia's Adelaide office, Helen works with clients both in-person and remotely across Australia.

Her educational background in the sciences includes a degree and post graduate in molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics and computer science.

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