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Eliminate untrustworthy + siloed data, create effective data management processes + produce meaningful business insights
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Leverage best-in-industry experts. Create a long term technology roadmap for your business, using skills of those who lead data strategy in Australia
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Data-driven organisations X23 times more likely to acquire customers, X6 times as likely to retain customers, X19 more likely to be profitable. (According to Mckinsey Global Institute)
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Why Notitia’s clients work with us on their data strategy:

On paper, a data strategy investigates your current situation + vision, provides measurable goals + objectives and tactical recommendations against a timeline.

It requires the contribution of your people as the internal experts, along with the external lens of a data strategy consultant, who work directly with stakeholders, vendors and best-of-breed software, to provide the best possible solutions + industry advantages.

Leaders in data strategy, Notitia’s experience, ability to investigate + ask the right questions has produced successful outcomes for Australia’s health sector, government, academia + big-name corporates.

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